Volodymyr Semenyshyn:
Business coach

The most precious resource we all have is time!

Vice President of the largest Ukrainian IT company SoftServe, PhD, MBA programs lecturer, business coach and consultant. Recognized as the best Marketing Director in Ukraine by Ukrainian Marketing Organization. His marketing projects received numerous international awards.  Recognized as the best employee at SoftServe in 2007, 2010, 2011 and 2012. A member of International Karate Federation, holder of black belt (1 dan).
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No more excuses! Just do it! Personal effectiveness and time management
You don’t have enough time to reach all of your goals? 24 hours are no longer enough? It’s time to learn the basic principles of effective planning and use of time. You want to overcome the chronic lack of time and learn how to achieve strategic goals in life and at work? Then welcome to the training! You will learn how to:
  • Plan your personal and work time;
  • Equally distribute the workload;
  • Use your time efficiently by investing it into the most important tasks and projects;
  • Increase your personal performance and ability to achieve results due to better self-organization;
  • Develop skills to work in environment
  • Develop the necessary skills to work in the uncertain environment when priorities often change;
Increase motivation and receive more joy from work and personal life .
Professional anti burnout or work life balance
Lost your interest in work? Feel emotional exhaustion? Most people burn out due to excessive stress and fast-paced work. Someone gets lost in the daily routine and loses enthusiasm. If a person burns out, he/she can’t do the same job he/she did before. The person simply wants to quit, run away and hide. Do you have the same feeling? If you agreed to one or several of these points, you are welcome to the training. Everyone, who will apply the suggested anti burnout strategies in practice, will be able to make their work and personal life happier and more productive. This is what they call a work-life balance. In this training you will:
  • Learn about basic professional anti burnout techniques
  • Learn how to define the level of burnout and prevent it
  •  Learn basic formula for achieving results.
  • Master the use of experience  scheme and professional burnout map
Moreover, you will learn about the most important elements of life and work, their optimizers and dispel some popular myths about the work-life balance.

  • The information that Volodymyr presented during his training has proved to be useful in my everyday work.  Time planning instruments, prioritizing, setting correct aims and tasks to your employees, constructive feedback, authority delegation; - this is not even the full list of topics that Volodymyr has covered during the short time. Volodymyr convinced us that it is possible to juggle it all, on his own example confirmed the effectiveness of time planning –that’s how you can successfully fit in your life busy work schedule, effective team management and achievements in sport. Everything’s possible but only if you want it very much and put a lot of effort in it!

    Iryna Sydorovych, Manager at Rixos-Prykarpattya
  • During the MBA program we had a positive experience in having Volodymyr as our expert in leadership, time-management and communication system in the company. During the course of three days the program participants experienced a lot of positive emotions and were offered many excellent ideas to apply in the chosen field. I’m very grateful to Volodymyr for his professionalism, openness and ingenuity.  We are looking forward to our collaboration in future projects of business school.

    Mykola Savulyak, Head of Business Community Club ( www.bc-club.org.ua)
  • The main benefit that this course from Volodymyr Semenyshyn gave me is the defining of my life goals and realization that you have to transform your dreams into aims and work hard for their realization. Once you have developed time management skills and various communication methods, you can easily cope with all tasks that come your way. I’m grateful to the trainer for stimulating my desire for significant changes in my life.

    Olga Mudryk, Manager at Evryka
  • I’ve visited Volodymyr’s training on methods of authority delegation to your subordinates and successful time management of your working hours. I liked the way Volodymyr gave the training very much, he involved all participants to take an active part in it. “You cannot be a passive listener” – he stressed. I find this attitude to life very attractive. After the training course I recommended it to my friends and acquaintances.

    Olga Bren, Director of Lviv insurance company “Kraina”
  • I was lucky to work with Volodymyr on a few projects on the development and expansion of marketing strategy of a company. I remember this collaboration as a very positive experience. Volodymyr is a very reliable person, responsible and with an impeccable timing. On top of that, he is very optimistic, has a lot of innovative ideas and the ability to quickly understand all work details of a certain enterprise. It was a great experience to work with him, to implement new ambitious projects and achieve predictable results. I hope I’ll have the opportunity to work with the expert of such level again.

    Roman Shuptar, General Manager at Citadel Inn Hotel & Resort
  • I have visited Volodymyr’s training on time management. It could be noticed that Volodymyr besides having good theoretical knowledge, was speaking from his own experience. He presented the information in a very interesting way and people who took part in the training listened to him with great pleasure. I have noted down some tips and started implementing them. We are considering our future collaboration.

    Oleksandr Bavorovskyy, Co-owner and director, at Barcom, Rodynna Kovbaska
  • MBA module that Volodymyr presented was very interesting and useful – he was talking about things that can help in your everyday life and business. I highly recommend everyone to visit his training. I’d be more than happy to visit Volodymyr’s next trainings.

    Andrii Buchynskyy, Manager at Zahidspezservis
  • The notion of time management is individual to every person and there isn’t one general method that everybody could use. What I liked most from the training – is the list of not exactly instructions but useful tips that people can apply to their needs, adjust them to their way of life, current situation. Volodymyr can teach you how to prioritize correctly, plan and organize your time, find time for a hobby, sport and interests not to the detriment of the quality of your work.  What I have found the most useful is the variety of real practical things that people of all professions can use in their job and everyday life.

    Olga Moroz, R&D Manager at SoftServe Inc.
  • I got acquainted with Volodymyr during my studying in the MBA program. He is one of the best teachers- trainers that I had the luck to work with. The studying is great fun and yields results. During the training you don’t fall asleep but obtain very valuable knowledge.

    Petro Krynytskyy, Entrepreneur
  • I have visited Volodymyr’s training as a part of MBA educational course. His module was the most memorable to me because it was full of creative games and practical stories from life. I have attended this course on personal effectiveness organized by Business Community Club for two times and each time I gained some new ideas for myself which I tried to implement right away. Many of these ideas I use even now, for instance, how to use your e-mail effectively, how to use social networks, how to devote more time for sport and I have even started writing with a pencil J. I can recommend Volodymyr, a positive and successful person, to everyone!

    Sergii Zadorozhnyy, Owner of franchised office of travel agency “Poihaly z namy”
  • Professional. Charismatic. Emotional. Real. Straightforward. Modern. Up-to-date. Practical. Useful. Interesting! Volodymyr, thank you for inspiration and confidence!

    Oksana Melnyk, Owner of auto parts store AUTOdrug
  • A lot of fresh and innovative decisions were discussed on the training. Volodymyr’s technique of presenting information, namely his communication with the listeners of the training program, the ability to keep the audience interested that during the whole training they participated in discussion of some questions, -deserves to be praised. I can recommend Volodymyr because a variety of questions and innovative solutions he suggested were successfully implemented in our company.

    Oleksii Koretskyy, Manager, TM KOMO
  • I’m more than satisfied with the training. The topic (already known or known but forgotten) that Volodymyr talked about was interesting, understandable, and with a sense of humour. He deserves the highest praise. I got a lot of positive energy from this communication. It was noticeable that trainer knows his job, which is very important, and is willing not only to share his experience but to get feedback from the audience. I’d be delighted to visit some of his other trainings. I can recommend them to everyone. I wish Volodymyr a lot of inspiration and the successful realization of new ideas!

    Tymtsiv Svitlana, Co-founder of Monblan
  • The general atmosphere of the training was very nonchalant. The topics presented were interesting and useful. Volodymyr shares information in such way that it easily keeps the audience interested. I felt really excited by all that I heard and saw. He is the kind of person that you want to learn from and follow his lead.

    Dmytro Novak, Manager at WOG
  • I was lucky to talk to Volodymyr and learn from him during the course of 2 trainings. He possesses the quality of being a talented trainer - to my mind, that is what makes him radically different from other trainers. Volodymyr is a remarkable example of a person who is practicing manager and shares not theory but practice. He has professionalism of a manager and qualities of a leader, charisma, positive thinking and excellent presentation skills. Volodymyr demonstrated on his own example how different tips work in reality. I give 10 points out 10 for quality and practical value of his trainings.

    Valentyn Harchenko, Manager at Sanofi Aventis
  • Volodymyr's knowledge and experience - are lucky findings for our company. The main principles of his teaching are clarity, explicitness and ability to transmit his knowledge easily, also taking non-standard decisions and creative approaches to problem solving. He gave useful pieces of advice, taught how to prioritize correctly. You can feel trainer’s professionalism and charisma. The secret of his success are self-discipline and personal example. I am sure that our mutual collaboration will facilitate strengthening and further growth of our company. The bundle of knowledge and useful advice obtained during our communication with Volodymyr I am all set to use to the maximum effect.

    Roman Ikoniak, Director “FLOOR BEST”



Secrets of Personal Effectiveness
Time Management

Public Business School, Lviv
May 13-15th, 2016

Antiburnout or
Work-Life Balance

training for SoftServe
July 6, 2016